Issue with APA 7 original publication date

So, with the Zotero APA 6 style one could type "(Original work published in 1952)" in the extras field and it would be added to the end of the citation. In Zotero APA 7 this is no longer the case. I can't find a single field where I can type the original publication date.

Basically, the citation needs to look like this:
Fanon, F. (2008). Black skin, White masks. Grove Press. (Original work published in 1952)

but I can't find a way to get this output in Zotero APA 7.

Any help is appreciated,
  • Enter it in Extra like this:
    Original date: 1952
  • Pretty sure you're misremembering this. You want
    original-date: 1952 in Extra. That was the same in the APA 6th version of the style.
  • Got it! I didn't realize there was a "code" that could be entered that would generate that output.

    Previously I used to type "(Original work published...)" in one of the fields and it would show up as written.
  • 2 years later, I can't get this to work by writing "original-date: 1952" in the Extra field. It just exports the content as a note?
  • Definitely works in general, but I'm confused by the use of "export" -- could you say exactly what you are doing, including citation styles, tools and add-ons used etc?
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