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pISSN : 1229-9138
eISSN : 1976-3832

(Gao et al., 2015)

Gao, Z., Cecati, C. and Ding, S. X. (2015). A survey of
fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant techniques—Part II:
Fault diagnosis with knowledge-based and hybrid/active
approaches. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics 62, 6,

(Liang and Du, 2007)

Liang, J. and Du, R. (2007). Model-based fault detection
and diagnosis of HVAC systems using support vector
machine method. Int. J. Refrigeration 30, 6, 11041114.

(Gertler, 2013)

Gertler, J. (2013). Fault Detection and Diagnosis. Springer.
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