Error, i can´t add o modify any document on my library

This is my ID report 157613450

when I click on zotero it seems like if there's anything (blank) and I already have 88 PDF's. So I can't edit or add anything.

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    I can´t add or do it anything on my zotero because it seems blank when I click on
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    (Please don't create duplicate threads for the same issue.)

    I don't understand the problem is you're experiencing. If English isn't your first language, you can just post in your native language, but we'll need a clearer description of the problem.

    See Steps to Reproduce.
  • [JavaScript Error: "ZoteroItemPane is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/zoteroPane.js" line: 1421}]
    [JavaScript Error: "Ha ocurrido un error. Por favor, reinicia Zotero.

    Puede informar de este error seleccionando «Informar de errores...» desde el menú Ayuda."]
    If you're saying that when you click on something (click on what?) Zotero is showing an error in the middle pane saying you need to restart, we'd want to see a Debug ID for that happening. The Debug ID you provided is just for Zotero startup and doesn't show a problem occurring.
  • click on the screen

    D758125966 is the Debug ID
  • Again, please write in your native language.

    We need a Debug ID that shows the problem occurring, as well as a description of what exactly you're doing. Don't just post the same Debug ID again.
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