Firefox connector malfunctioning

Firefox connector is misbehaving unfortunatly. I waited some months because i hoped that an update will help but nothing happend, so I am asking here vor help.

When I try to save an Website with Firefox Connector and especially when I try to hit the Drop-Down-Menu on the right side of the small pop up, it is collapsing and I cannot reopen it in this tab. I am able to open the same Url in a new windows, but when I try to open the Drop-Down menu to show more collections (to get the right collection) it's collapsing.
  • Not a general issue (e.g. works fine for me in Firefox).
    Which operating system, does this happen reliably and have you tried with all other Firefox add-ons disabled?
  • @Klemens_: If it still happens with other extensions disabled, we'd want a Report ID after it happens. This would be some sort of problem in your Firefox profile, not a general problem.
  • Thank you!

    Had no time to give a Report ID. And now: I don't know why, but it's running properly know.
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