Why Does the Field 'Extras' not get Exported For the Item 'Journal Article'

Hello everyone,

I am trying to add a 'Journal Article' item to my bibliography including information in the field 'extras'. For some reason information in this field does not get added to my bibliography. I am using Zotero 5.0.92-beta along with LaTeX and BibTex.

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  • If you aren’t already, you will want to use the BetterBibTeX plugin if you are writing in LaTeX with Zotero.

    What exactly do you have in Extra? Zotero’s BibTeX translator will extract CSL variables and other identifiers from Extra, then map whatever is left to BibTeX ‘note’. BBT has some more elaborate extraction options, including allowing users to directly enter TeX variables.
  • I am already using BBT.

    I would just like to add regular text as for example 'test' (sometimes there is just extra info that I need to provide). This works perfectly fine if I choose the item type 'book'. With the item type 'journal article' it does not appear in my bibliography.
  • Are you exporting using the BibTeX or Better BibTeX translator?

    (If you don’t have a strong reason otherwise, I also suggest using BibLaTeX rather than BibTeX)
  • I am exporting via the automatic export tab of BBT to be found unter preferences. I'd assume that would be the BBT translator?!

    I'm almost done with my thesis. I fear that switching over to BibLaTeX would mess with a lot of things. Can you point me towards a good thread that would explain the upsides of BibLaTeX over BibTeX. I found some along the way, but never one that left me at the point where I said 'oh this is a reason worth the effort of a switch'.

    Thank you.
  • Okay, so I just noticed that it does currently not work with the item style 'book' either. So the issue seems to be somewhere else. I'll investigate.
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    So if I add information into the 'extra' section it appears as under annotation in my bib-file. Is this correct or might this be the reason why it does not appear in my bibliography?

    title = {Kleben: {{Grundlagen}}, {{Technologien}}, {{Anwendungen}}},
    shorttitle = {Kleben},
    author = {Habenicht, Gerd},
    year = {2009},
    edition = {6., aktualisierte Auflage},
    publisher = {{Springer}},
    address = {{Berlin}},
    annotation = {S. 3 - 52, S.714 - 715},
    file = {/Users/timonschulz/Zotero/storage/52PN594N/Habenicht - 2009 - Kleben Grundlagen, Technologien, Anwendungen.pdf},
    isbn = {978-3-540-85266-7}
  • So this seems to be an issue related to a new release of Zotero. More info can be found at:

  • No, this is completely unrelated to Zotero. It's a change in how the BetterBibTex add-on handles Zotero's Extra field on exporting to bibtex-- the linked github issue explains how to revert to the previous mapping.
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