How to Enter Page Numbers for a Book Entry in Zotero

Hello everyone,

I am trying to add certain pages to a book entry in Zotero. Zotero only offers me to enter page numbers into a field that is supposed to contain the entire number of pages of the book. Is there no second field for the purpose of specific pages? I know that with the add on for microsoft word one can add page numbers for specific refferences. However I am using LaTeX along with a BibTeX Bibliography.

Thank you.

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    You enter the page numbers for specific citations in your document when you are writing the citation, not in your Zotero library. If you cite this book multiple times with different page numbers, you would cite the same book item multiple times and just change the page number on your citation command in TeX.

    See here for examples of how to enter page numbers in BibTeX

    If you mean you are citing a chapter of a book, enter the item a Book Section rather than as a Book.
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