Add URLs now but don't display them at the end?

I want Zotero to save URLs in my bibliography and endnotes for now. However, when I generate the final endnotes and bibliography I won't want to include them. Is there a way to ask Zotero not to include them at the very end of my writing, or will I need to generate the bibliography and then go through and delete them?

I am using Word for Mac 16.42 and Mac OS 10.15.7

  • When and which URLs are included is also a function of the citation style
  • I am using the tyle called Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note). I have unchecked "Include URL's of paper articles in references" In the bibliograpy, I still see URLs for all the articles. Is there a way to keep the URLs out of the bibliography?

  • Or is there another style that looks the same but does not include the URLs?
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