How to get Zotero to put p. before a page number

When I create an endnote, I see how to add a page number. Is there a way to have Zotero enter p. 7 instead of just 7 in the endnote?

I am using Word for Mac 16.42 and Mac OS 10.15.7

  • That's determined by the citation style -- most don't do this for pages (as it's implicitly understood that the last number is a page number) but some do. Which are you using? Are you following some sort of guideline that calls for the p.?
  • I'm using Chicato Manual of Style 17th edition (full note) but as a matter of preference I prefer to have p. in front of the page number.
  • You can see for editing styles -- it's not entirely trivial, especially for Chicago Manual and I'd frankly discourage the idea of personal preferences in citation styles (it's a good place to follow existing standards), but if you do want to customize your style, that's where you'd want to look.
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