Sharing items from search results in online library on phone

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    I think my question is related: I need to give access to my online library (or just one entry in it) via email--to a person that does not necessarily have a zotero account. Is that possible? I sent a URL to my zotero item but my colleague can't view it because she doesn't have access. And I don't want to open up my entire library to the world, just to this one person.
  • @erazlogo: Same question: what do you want the other person to be able to do with it?
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    @dstillman: I want them to get a full reference for a book/article etc so they can later look it up.

    I want to be able to send a reference via whatsapp, signal, or fb messenger from an iPhone (when I don't have my laptop or iPad around). If I have a list of "all items," I can copy a reference via "select items" and then send. But if I do a search, there is no option to "select items" in the list of found items.

    So adding an option to "select items" to the found records on iPhone would solve the problem for me.
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    Oh, I didn't see your edit that this was about the online library — and your question is actually way more specific than even that. You're just saying that the search results view in the web library on a phone doesn't let you select multiple items.

    I think there's probably enough room to keep the three-dots menu to the right of the Cancel button, but I'll let @tnajdek comment on that.
  • My point is not exactly about multiple items--even if I want to share just one reference, I still need the "select" interface to get to the copy reference button. But probably the three-dots menu would do the trick.
  • My point is not exactly about multiple items
    Sorry, right — though it should perhaps also be possible to export or generate a bibliography for a single item from the details view.
  • Currently it isn't possible to export item(s) or generate bibliography without the "select" interface on touch devices, and unfortunately that interface is currently not accessible in search mode on mobiles. We're aware of the issue and will tweak the UI to allow this but I don't have an estimate when this will happen at this time.
  • Great to know it's in the pipeline, thanks! A way to generate a bibliographic reference for a single item with fewer clicks would be great down the road as well :)
  • We've updated the web library so it's now possible to select and export items from within search view.
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