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So, I am using the Human Molecular Genetics style for my paper, but I need to include 10 authors before using "et al.". I have the latest version of Zotero and when I try to edit the style through "Preferences", the Human Molecular Genetics style doesn't appear for edition. So I can't even take a look at the code and make the necessary modifications as indicated in other discussion topics. Can anyone help me, please?
  • The Style Editor is in the Tools menu, not Preferences.

    In the style, you would change the “et-al-min” property in the citation or bibliography section.
  • Yeah, I managed to open the Style Editor, but the problem is that, even though I have imported the Human Molecular Genetics style, it doesn't appear in the list for available styles for editing (the list includes Nature, Vancouver, Elsevier...). So, I can't even take a look at the code for editing =(
    If I could get my hands on the code for this particular style, I could at least copy and paste it in a pre-existing style, alter it and save as a different edited style.
  • The style is just a link to (Database), so modify that.
  • That's because it's a dependent style, so it's just a pointer to another style. The style you'd want to edit is the "Database" style (for the Database Oxford journal). The Human Molecular Genetics is just that with a default-locale set to en-GB.
  • It worked! Thanks for the help, everyone! =D
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