How to know if Zotero is processing a command

I am using Word on a macbook

Often I will select refresh or add a bibliography and Zotero doesn’t seem to respond. Sometimes this is because it is taking a while. Is there some indicator on the website or on the Zotero tab of my document that shows that it has received a command is currently processing it— so that I don’t have to press the button again to see if it is working? Am I missing something? Is a button greyed out when it is doing this? Thanks
  • I am using Word for Mac 16.42 and Mac OS 10.15.7
  • Is there some indicator on the website
    Just to clarify, this doesn't have anything to do with the website. The Word plugin interacts with the Zotero program, not

    There's a progress bar when inserting a citation, but we're limited in what sorts of feedback we can provide, and refreshing and adding a bibliography don't show a progress bar. You just have to wait for activity in the document to stop or for the bibliography to appear. Don't press the buttons twice — clicks aren't ignored, so if nothing has happened yet, it's almost certainly still processing.
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