Sort references in manager in which order I want


I am trying to order the references for one paper so that when I export them, they already come out in the same order the appear in the paper I wrote.

Problem is, it seems you cannot move freely the order of your references.

Is there a way around this problem?
  • Export how?

    If you mean an actual export format, such as Zotero RDF, RIS, or BibTeX, then no, you can't control that order, and it doesn't make much sense. Those are data exchange formats, and the order isn't intended to be relevant.

    If you're referring to a bibliography, the order is determined entirely by the citation style you're using.
  • I will try to explain it with other words.

    Imagine I write a paper of 3 paragraphs: x, y, z in that order.

    For each paragraph I used one reference: a, b, c respectively.

    The things is, when I was doing my research on the web, it turns out I came by the reference"c" first, before than the "b" reference, and this one before the "a" reference. So in my file in zotero manager, the orden of appearance is: c, b, a.

    When I export those references (style Vancover for excample) the list goes like this:

    1. c
    2. b
    3. a

    However, in my paper, the real order should be like

    1. a (paragraph x)
    2. b (paragraph y)
    3. c (poaragraph z)

    Now, I know you can order your references in zotero manager in date of addition, date of modification, date of publication,... and so on. BUT WHAT I CANNOT is order them in whichever order I would like to do freely, which would be the orden of appearance according to the paragraphs on my paper.

    I hope I explained myself clearly now.
  • Any reason you're not using the Word/LibreOffice add-on?
    That'd place the references in the right order (i.e. the order in which they're cited in this particular document) automatically.

    You're correct that it is essentially impossible to use numeric citation styles in a document without using word processor integration though. You'll have to manually sort them, but if you're really set on doing that, I honestly don't see a big difference between doing it in Zotero vs. in your word processor.
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