Zotero Storage Accounts

Hello there!

I'm interested in purchasing one of the Zotero storage accounts but am not sure which would work best. I have over 7,000 articles on EndNote which has been collected over many years.

I don't know how much data all of these references are, but do know that many are embedded with pdfs and the actual copies of the articles. (I want to keep this!)

Could someone get back to me with regards to Zotero options for storage, for transferring from EndNote, and to clarify how I should regularly contact Zotero (toll free number available?)
  • (This is how you contact us. See How Zotero Support Works.)

    Before worrying about a Zotero storage subscription, you'd want to actually start using Zotero. Data and file syncing are optional, and you can set that up after you've started using Zotero and are happy with it.

    Specifically, though, data syncing is free and unlimited, so the number of items itself doesn't matter. What matters is how much storage you need to sync attached files such as PDFs, if you want to do so. Checking the size of the 'storage' directory within the Zotero data directory would give you a rough idea of how much space you need for files, though if you're in doubt you can always start with the smallest plan and switch to a larger one later. (When you do that, it will just move your expiration date forward without charging you again.)

    See https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/endnote_import for help importing from EndNote.
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