sync not working


unfortunately, sync is not working
this is the debug-id: D1237018900

Thank you!
  • Most files are syncing for you, but it looks like there are two enormous PDFs — 1.3 GB and 945 MB — in a group you belong to that are getting stuck.

    That shouldn't happen, but you also might just want to set Zotero to download files "as needed" from the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences, unless you really want those huge files to exist locally. (If you change it to "as needed", double-clicking the files should still download and open them, and they'll remain on your computer, though you can right-click → Show File and delete them at any time to free up space. A future version of Zotero will let you automatically manage local disk space used by downloaded files in "as needed" mode.)

    If you do want to leave the "at sync time" download mode enabled, I'd be curious to see a second Debug ID where this happens, just to compare.
  • We changed the sync preferences to "as needed", but unfortunately Zotero is still not syncing.

    Additionally it is strange that snyc is working pretty much fine for almost every account in the groub library..

    Would it be best to delete these big files from the groub library (and try to upload them again (but this time 'smaller' PDFs)?

    Thank you very much for your help!
  • We'd need to see another Debug ID to say more about what's happening now. If it's set to "as needed", it shouldn't be trying to download those files.
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