How to log into different profile on zotero? / switch profile

Hi all, have two people with two different zotero account using a single desktop.
when opening zotero by clicking the desktop icon, it starts with the first persons account and am unable to find out -- how to switch to the other account?

Have created the second account in the profile using the zotero -p run through support sheets, but having no joy to switching to second account.

Please advice...
Thank you
  • It's really better to use separate Windows accounts, for this and everything else. (For Zotero, you just have to make sure that either only one account is used at once or Zotero is closed before switching users, to avoid problems with multiple instances.)

    But if you're committed to doing this in a single Windows account, when you start Zotero with zotero -P (capital P, not lowercase), it will show the Profile Manager, and there's a checkbox for whether to prompt at startup for which profile to use. Uncheck that and you'll get the Profile Manager every time.
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