BUG: Zotero regularly not saving/deleting notes attached to items

edited 10 days ago
Zotero Desktop 5.0.91 on Ubuntu 20.04 is frequently deleting and/not saving notes (i.e. the ones with the yellow stickies icon).

This is frustrating, and loses my labor performed in Zotero, and *seriously* diminishes its utility.

Sometimes this happens when, for example I am taking notes on the notes panel, and then click the New Item button. Sometimes It happens when I am taking notes on the notes panel, and I simple click another portion of the interface.

I am being restrained my language given my levels of frustration.
  • Is it deleting only something you've just typed, or is it deleting previous text as well? If you type a long string of characters without stopping, it's possible there are things you can click on within a fraction of a second where the latest text isn't saved. That'd be a bug, and we'd want to fix that, but notes should save within one second of your stopping typing.

    Do you have steps to reproduce this reliably?
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