Capitalizing first particle in note style.


short question:
is there a way to capitalize the first particle in a footnote in note styles automatically?

Couldn't find anything on the forum.

Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Could you give an example? Not sure I follow what you're trying to do
  • Ok, for example, I have an item by an author al-Mizzī - an Arab author from the middle ages. I set the style up to tread the article al- as a particle (demote-non-dropping-particle="sort-only").
    This works fine, the article is not regarded for sorting etc, but is also present.
    So when I add a citation, it places it in the footnote.
    But it appears as "al-Mizzī", not as "Al-Mizzī", even though its at the beginning of the note.
    The same happends of course, when I add a citation inside a normal footnote and the citation starts a new sentence.
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