RTF Scan broken?

As far as the forum search shows, the last discussion topics on this are a few years old, so I hope a new thread is okay.

I finally left Word for a Markdown Editor (iA Writer), but one thing that I cannot get working is the RTF Scan. Zoteros native RTF Scan only randomly recognizes citations (and yes, I have paid rigoros attention use the correct Syntax in Curley Brackets with author and year). leaving me with about 2/3 of citations not recognized.

I tried the ODF Scan alternative, which seems to work, the problem here is however that it relies on LibreOffice which does not work properly on my Mac (even after installing Oracles JDK and so, the JRE seems to be an issue for LibreOffice an Mac).

Is there really not good way of using Zotero with a Text editor other than Word? (I am not tech savvy enough for the latex stuff, to be honest)
  • If you're using a markdown editor anyway, I'd use pandoc to format the document, there are a number of good write-ups online with different editors, but all involving Zotero, the BBT add-on, and pandoc:

    In general RTF scan should work, but it's not something that's getting a lot of attention. My guess would be that Zotero might invest in this a bit after the next major update which will bring native citekeys (and hence allow stable, simple scannable citations)

  • Oh well, thank you so much, finally something that works!

    I literally been working since yesterday morning on this problem, trying out different solutions and workarounds that I can grasp without being too tech-savvy. Link 1 seemed to be Ullyssus-specific and partially over my head, Link 2 is mostly over my head, but the solution presented in the first half of Link 3 (Downdoc) works without knowing Latex and even without needing to install Pandoc and is finally a working solution.

    I just hope that the number of Tools that are used for this Workflow (Zotero, BetterBibTex, Zotpick/Automator, Downdoc) wont cause any trouble when one of them becomes incompatible (e.g. with Mac OS 11). :P

    Nevertheless, thanks again, now I can finally write in peace.
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