Unable to (re)install LibreOffice Extension. Report ID: 979083727

After having issues with scannable citations formatting incorrectly, I uninstalled and reinstalled Zotero, but now when I try to get the LibreOffice extension to install, it fails to do so.

The installer always fails to automatically install.

Manual installation produces this error:
"Add Extension(s): C:\Users\Yog-Sothoth\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\uno_packages\cache\uno_packages\lu10120b6jhnk.tmp_\Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt does not exist."

And under Tools > Add-ons there is no option to install Zotero Libreoffice Integration, only to "Disable" it.

I have tried reinstalling LibreOffice, Zotero, deleting any residual files, checking the box to use a JRE in libreoffice. I even tried system restore to prior to my reinstall and the problem remained.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • What LibreOffice version and what JRE?
  • Originally it was 6.2.something (when the error occurred) but I have now updated to the latest (x64).

    The JRE is Oracle Corporation Version 1.8.0_241.

    I am on Windows 10 Home.
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    That should work. If you haven't yet, try just deleting the 'cache' folder within your LO profile directory. If that doesn't help, you can try just moving the whole LO profile directory out of the way, at least to test.

    But if by manual installation you mean these steps, installing the .oxt outside of Zotero, this is just some sort of problem in LO, so we can't really do much to help. The .oxt obviously works in general. So clearing your LO profile directory is the best thing to try.
  • Moving the LO profile directory did it!

    Deleting the cache didn't help, but when I moved the whole profile directory and then reopened LO the manual install worked fine (and, yes, it was those steps).

    Thank you so much, been faffing with that for hours and you solved it in minutes!
  • Possible you can copy some files/preferences back, if you care. But may not be worth figuring out what's what.
  • Honestly don't think I had changed much from standard anyway, so I'll just change it in the program if I come across anything. Thanks again!
  • Same problem, same solution
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