Corrections for the New Testament Studies Style

edited October 13, 2020
The New Testament Studies style bears a few corrections per the journal's current instructions for contributors (pp. 2–3), including:

1. English titles should be capitalized in headline rather than sentence style (e.g., the Moule, Hengel examples).
2. The journal abbreviation field should be used, rather than the full journal title, if available.
3. There should be no colon before the page numbers in the citation of a journal article.
4. Edition numbers should be superscripted after the year of publication—e.g., "(Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006²)". But revised editions are noted in regular type—e.g., "rev. edn."
5. Series abbreviations specified in Extra with collection-title-short: should be used.

If anyone with the necessary CSL knowledge might be able to make these modifications, that would be most helpful.

Thank you so much!
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