Items disappearing from collections in group library

We have a shared group library that we regularly update. When we checked on it today, most of the items have disappeared from the library collections, except for those that were added a couple of days earlier. The collections (folder structures) are still there, but most of them are empty now. We tried restoring the library from last automatic backup but that didn't help. Does anyone know what the problem may be and how we can fix it? Thanks.

We have an unlimited premium plan that is good through March 2021.
  • If the items are disappearing, someone in the group removed or deleted them.

    You don't say whether the items still appear in the library root. If they don't, check the trash to see if they've been moved there, in which case you can restore them all to the library.

    Not clear which library you're referring to, but your most recently updated group libraries had almost 4000 items moved to the trash a few weeks ago.
    We have an unlimited premium plan that is good through March 2021.
    This has nothing to do with storage. (Even if your subscription had expired, we don't delete items in your library just because you stop paying for file storage.)
  • Thank you for your answer. That may have been the problem, since the missing items also do not appear in the library root. It's possible someone searched for duplicates and instead of merging them sent them all to trash.

    Thanks again and have a nice day!
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