View/manage professor's library

My professor has been using Zotero to curate his articles into specific folders. He wants me to be able to have access to his library and view/manage files. I just made an account, but what should I do to view and manage my professor's files? Is there some sort of syncing process that we need to follow so I can gain access to them?

Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but I couldn't find a post that seemed to answer. Thanks for any help.
  • The best and most common way to do this would be to have a group library which both of you would join. Your professor would move the relevant literature into that library and you'd then be able to edit & add to that library from your own account.

    The alternative would be for your professor to give you the login for his account. That would allow you to view&edit his library right away, but you couldn't _also_ have your own library easily (and there may be other reasons he may not want to do that).
  • Ah, thanks adamsmith! My professor had a grad assistant prior to me who had access- would that likely mean they had set up a group library? I don't think that he used the login information for his account.
  • most likely, yes, but you'd have to ask him and he'd have to invite you
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