Major issues with citations

Hi all,

I have been having issues with using Zoterro recently. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software but this has not helped. I am using a macbook on Chrome, and trying to cite work in Google Docs.

When I cite my first document, it works fine. Upon trying to cite the 2nd document, a pop up opens stating I have modified the citation (I haven't) and whether Zoterro can change it. The result is the same whether I press yes or no; the 1st Citation is erased replaced by an (upgrading) sign in blue, and the 2nd citation is moved to where the 1st citation should have been.

This process repeats itself no matter how many citations I put in. The only way I have been able to work around it is if I totally unlink the citations until the very end, which also messes up my ability to do a bibliography.

Please help!
  • That's certainly not normal.

    Can you reproduce this in a completely new Google Docs document?

    Can you provide 1) a Report ID from the Zotero Connector and 2) a Debug ID from Zotero for reproducing this?
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