SOLVED: Magic Wand PMID failing after Zotero update -- Coincidence?

edited October 12, 2020
Debug: D1743180035

Single PMID requests are resulting in the !message: Lookup failed. Zotero could not find a record for the specified identifier. Please verify the identifier and try again.

I, individually tried the following PMIDs:

Is this a problem with NLM PubMed or could it be related to the Zotero update I accepted today just before I tried to capture PubMed metadata? I can use the Wand successfully to find articles via DOI. All other aspects of Zotero seem to be working fine.

Zotero version: 5.0.91-beta.9+479f01fa9

  • FWIW, I did push an update to the pubmed import earlier today, but I don't thinks that's the problem here -- those PMIDs work for me & the change was thoroughly tested.
  • Thanks, Sebastian:

    PMID import through the Magic Wand is working again. It wasn't working earlier. (I tried over about 90 minutes.)

    Every year the last week of September and the first couple of weeks of October are when NLM does work on their system (the end and beginning of the federal fiscal year). Perhaps, I should have waited longer and tested again before I sent my plea for help. I marked my post "solved".
  • I have the same problem, working fine for 2 days and then just -stopped-.
  • Let's start with some PMIDs that don't work.
    Generally, PMID import into Zotero is super robust on the Zotero end, so failures are almost always due to the Pubmed API and fix themselves by waiting.
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    @wuttkeds Don't bother with PMIDs. The API is down.

    I can confirm that the PubMed API is currently down and has been intermittently down for much of today. Not only does the Zotero Wand not work; my own system that queries 3-month old Medline-indexed articles for MeSH and my system that queries the API for refreshed metadata from year-old ePub articles have been failing since 10 am California time.

    @adamsmith If you want a PMID here is one 33252020 but this has nothing to do with Zotero today.

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