Unable to save from Chrome after update

Report ID: 1007237137

Chrome connector Version 5.0.74
Zotero version 5.0.91

Zotero updated and now I cannot save anything from known and trusted websites. I am out of the country, using a slow internet connection, and under a deadline to finish this research and write a paper in the next 24 hours!

  • What does "unable to save" mean? What's happening?

    What's an example URL?
  • I am using my institution's Ovid database, so even from the Ovid site itself I get the message when attempting to save: "An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information." None of the suggestions so far have helped on the Troubleshooting page. I am not in the US and am trying to complete my assignments with a very slow internet connection. It had been working the past few days and I was able to add references to my Zotero from the same sites I am trying to add now.
  • Is this just Ovid? If so, it's important to say that — your originally post suggested this was across many sites.

    Can you say the exact steps you're taking to get to a page on Ovid that doesn't save? Ovid doesn't use permalinks, so it's not possible to just provide an example URL.

    What does it say in parentheses when you hover over the save button?

    I believe Zotero's Ovid translator isn't currently working, but you should be able to select items from the search results and export a file that you can import into Zotero. When exporting from Ovid, choose the format labeled "EndNote", and then import the saved file into Zotero.

    For any article page that includes a DOI, you should also be able to use the save button with the DOI translator, which should be offered automatically (or you can select it by right-clicking on the save button and choosing it from the menu).

    We'll fix the Ovid translator so that the save button works again across the board, but I don't know when that will happen.
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