APA 7th includes Publication when copying to clipboard

This discussion was created from comments split from: Changes to APA Style in 7th Edition.

  • If I right click an individual item in zotero (windows desktop client 5.0.89) and choose "create bibliography from item..." the "copy to clipboard" option still includes the place of publication when I paste the item although the Citation style set to APA 7th.

    The other options (Save as rtf, save as html, print) don't include the place of publication.

  • @dstillman -- could we split this off, please.

    @msarahwickham -- and you can make this happen reliably with different items? This shouldn't be possible and certainly isn't the case for me (to be safe, try with the newest Zotero version, 5.0.91, though that shouldn't matter)
  • Yes I could make it happen with different items, regardless of whether they were in My Library or Group Libraries.

    However having upgraded to 5.0.91 this no longer occurs - copy to clipboard does not include the place of publication
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