Bug: Windows taskbar icon inconsistent

On the primary display's taskbar Zotero's icon appears as a red z against a silver shield. On the secondary display's taskbar Zotero's icon appears as just a red z.

The issue is due to UI scaling. The display set to 100% displays the red z icon, the display set to 150% displays the red z on silver shield.
  • I'm not sure there's anything we can fix there. We just assign an icon set with icons at different sizes — a 16px red Z and 32px, 48px, and 256px versions of the full icon with the silver background. (It's not a shield, by the way. It's a 3D grid.)

    I get just the red Z in the Explorer list view. Everywhere else, I see the full icon. But we have no control over this beyond providing the icon set. The rest depends on your screen resolution and scaling settings and whatever Windows decides to do.
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