Really old library

I used zotero a long time ago--like a decade ago--and loved it! Now I'm back on a new project, and can't find my old library. I assume it's been deleted, but just in case there is a way to recover it I'd be very interested to know how to do that. Thanks!
  • Zotero wouldn't have deleted anything.

    If you synced it, it'd be visible under "My Library" here and simply syncing again would bring it back (at least your account is >10 years old, so that's possible).

    If you didn't sync, you'd need to find your old Zotero data folder
    If you find it, see further up that page on using it to restore your old library.

    Without either of those two things, I'm afraid it's gone.
  • Many thanks! I found my old library and synced it no problem.

    I do seem to have two accounts--two different usernames, somehow. They may be almost identical. Is there any way to merge the two?
  • At least in terms of what's synced, the 'sarab' library has far fewer items — just 41 top-level items. The other one has >1000. I would just export the 41 items to Zotero RDF, switch to the other account, and then import the RDF file into the bigger library.
  • Thanks!
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