citation in table

When I try to add a citation into a table on word, the document stops working and asks me to close.
How can I fix it
  • Can you reproduce this in a new document? Which citation style are you using? What version of Word?
  • ok i tried to change documents preferences to bookmarks and it works. It is word 2013,APA style.
    Thank you
  • Can you reproduce this problem in a new document? If so, we would like to fix it for all users so it works correctly with word fields. What's the version number of Word (listed under File -> Account)?
  • Hello,
    Something similar happens when I try to insert a citation into a table on word:
    Sometimes the citation appears as (0/00/000, 00:00) but zotero adds de reference to de bibliography. Sometimes it looks as if zotero confuses the row and it adds the reference in the wrong row.

    I'm using word for mac, version 16.42.

    How could I fix it? Thank you in advance :)
  • I'm pretty sure this is a side effect of some odd handling of Word fields in tables. I'm not optimistic that's fixable.
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