Zotpress doesn't show content

This discussion was created from comments split from: Can we use ZotPress to display the "My Publications" collection?.
  • Quick Q if this is the right thread,

    I've been trying to integrate Zotpress to show the entire library. I added the API key and validated it successfully, but when I place the shortcode:

    [zotpressLib userid="6900739"]

    It does show a UI but the content doesn't load. Any suggestions how I can overcome this?

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/fIpu1VE
  • (When in doubt, please start a new thread. The thread you posted to was a completely different question. I've moved this to a separate thread.)

    We're not able to help with Zotpress, so you'll need to post to the Zotpress forums for support.
  • FWIW, I have seen this most often with Wordpress plugin conflicts. I'd start troubleshooting by seeing if you can insert individual items to exclude setup issues as the problem.
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