How to display extra field content in bibliography


I use the Memento plugin for Zotero in order to archive the webpages I collect in my collections. This plugin autosaves the webpage in Internet Archive and saves the webpage access link from Internet Archive in the Zotero extra field. In my bibliography, I would like to replace the URL by the Internet Archive permanent link. I have read that Extra field would correspond to the CSV "note" field. But modifying my CSL style by replacing a URL macro by a note macro (in which variable=note), I do not see this permanent link in the bibliography. I wonder why this variable which is present in my record, does not appear in the bibliography. Do you have a clue ?


  • For testing purposes, can you try the APA annotated bibliography style?

    If it appears there, Can you post to style to a site like or and give a link here?
  • Thank you for your answer,

    I tried with APA annotated bibliography style and what I found seems strange to me : when the extra field is only filled with the Internet Archive Permanent link or whatever link, this link will not appear as note, but when there is something before the link, like for instance 'URL:' then the whole content of the extra field will happen. It seems that the variable note will not be displayed if the content is limited to an URL.


  • No, that doesn’t sound right. Can you export an item that doesn’t work correctly to CSL-JSON, post to Dropbox or similar, and link here? Along with what it looks like for you?
  • Of course. Here it is field issue.odt?dl=0
    Hope this will be clear enough,
    Thank you very much anyway @bwiernik for your help.
    This is not a big issue, but still quite puzzling.

  • @fbennett -- it looks like citeproc-js ignores the content of note if it's a URL? Any reason for that?
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