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@bwiernik Really? ShortDOI is possibly going away? We just got into using them. If the service dies, we face thousands of entries that cannot be converted back into long DOI.

In this case, storing both short and long DOI in extra and switching on demand with the plugin might be a good way. Already now Springer refuses to use ShortDOI. In our recent article they replaced them manually with long DOI in copy-editing. It is a one-off situation with them wanting to do the work, so a reliable and future-proof way would be great.

Or should we just convert all back to long DOI and stop using the ShortDOI form?
  • existing shortDOIs are going to keep resolving, so nothing will break, but as bwiernik says, the addition of new ones may be discontinued and generally the DOI foundation (and adjacent communities) don't like them very much. I'd indeed recommend moving away from using them as much as possible.
  • Blame some of the hate of ShortDOI on indexers like me. We use the DOI as a test to help avoid duplicate database entries. Having multiple DOIs that point to the same item is painful to my OCD personality. When Blackwell was purchased by Wiley, new DOIs were assigned and the old ones (properly kept). This caused problems keeping duplicates out of retrospective reviews of journal back-files. There are probably as many people celebrating the ShortDOI demise as those who mourn.
  • @bwiernik or @adamsmith

    I have asked and here is a citation from their email response:

    "There are no plans to discontinue the ShortDOI service. May I ask where are you are hearing this disinformation?"

    Might you be able to point to the sources or clarify?

    Thank you.
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    There is no “disinformation” here. What I offered was my prediction—I wouldn’t be surprised if new shortDOIs were discontinued given comments by members of the DOI Foundation, such as here and here
  • Thanks. I shall pass it on.
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