Help on using Zotero for Chicago 17 and Book Editions

When citing in Chicago 17, they recommend providing the original publication information for reprint editions. How do you record this in Zotero to get it to cite correctly in the bibliography? I have a couple examples of what I mean below from the CMOS Online.

Bahadur, Gaiutra. Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014. First published 2013 by C. Hurst (London).

Schweitzer, Albert. J. S. Bach. Translated by Ernest Newman. 2 vols. 1911. Reprint, New York: Dover, 1966.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Nature. 1836. Facsimile of the first edition, with an introduction by Jaroslav Pelikan. Boston: Beacon Press, 1985.

If you have a subscription to CMOS, this is the link -
  • You can add the original date of publication as
    original-date: 1911
    in the Extra field and Zotero's Chicago style will pick that up as a reprint. We don't currently add the other information -- you'll note that Chicago has a lot of options and we can't really automate the variability here. We could consider adding other original publishing information if it's included in the data, but don't currently do so.
  • I tried this original-date in the extra field and it displays as follows (Polanyi [1944] 2001) in the article in line citation and then in the bibliography as Polanyi, Karl. (1944) 2001.

    This could be due to the citation style I chose and this is good enough for my purposes. BUT I do wonder if it could display as Polanyi, Karl. [1944] 2001. OR Polanyi 2001 [1944] for the inline citation AND Polanyi, Karl. 2001 [1944] the bibliography? the newer date coming first??
  • This is indeed entirely determined by the citation style -- any order/formatting is possible technically. Do you have any reason to think that the current display is incorrect for the style in question?
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