How can I synch my library meta data but NOT the pdf files?

I use Zotero on my Mac. My pdf files are stored in Zotero and synched with OneDrive.
So I don't need Zotero's online storage space.
I just would like to synch metadata between my Zotero-on-Mac app and my Zotero online account. This way I should be able to use the powerful Zotero search interface from different computers.
But when I click on an item I expect to retrieve the pdf file from OneDrive.
Is that possible?
  • You can just disable file-sync in the Zotero sync preferences, yes.

    As for your set up, make sure that you do _not_ have the entire Zotero data folder in OneDrive, as that will very likely cause database corruption, possibly irreparably so. if there's a way to just sync the "storage" folder (or if you use links to files in OneDrive) that's fine.
  • Thanks adamsmith! However, I have a very big library in Zotero on my mac and I would like to "import" author, title, tags and metadata in my Zotero online library--I cannot just enter them manually!
    How can I accomplish this without enabling "file-sync"?
  • File sync and data sync are separate. Simply uncheck the "Sync attached files in My Library" box in the sync preferences -- you'll still sync metadata (author, title, notes, tags, etc.) but not files.
  • Works perfectly! Thank you!
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