Synching Problems

Can someone please tell me how to sync my data. I installed Zotero about 3 months ago. The syncing was working fine for me then. I initially had problems, but found out if I unchecked "sync automoatically" and did a manual of "Full Sync with Server" or " Restore from Zotero Server", everything seemed to work out. I didn't mind the extra work as long as I was able to eventually match my home computer (Mac) with my work PC (XP).

However, I noticed that this no longer works. I am running 2.0b6.5 and am only using the sync version for the files - not the WebDav features. Does anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this? The semester is picking up so I would greatly appreciate your help.
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    If a sync fails there should be a yellow exclamation mark over the sync icon. Restart Firefox, sync, and then send in a report using Report Errors under the gear menu and post the Report ID here.

    You shouldn't need to use the Reset options except for troubleshooting.
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