Google Docs: Tools > Citations

Hello all,

Any thoughts about the new Google Docs "Tools > Citations" feature?

It only seems to allow manual entry of citations at the moment, but of course it's easy to see how this might fit into Google Scholar in the future.

I find it intriguing that this (perhaps specialist) feature is one that Google Docs proritised, rather than other more general features.

What do people think?
  • I'm guessing this is oriented towards the high school market where ChromeOS dominates (in the US -- I don't think that's true elsewhere) and I'm sure they've been getting a lot of requests.

    I don't think Google will invest into building reference management infrastructure anywhere close to resembling existing reference managers like Zotero. That's too niche
  • haha looking for this,

    it would be interesting if google docs new function could be integrated with zotero.
    having a sidebar with all the used citations instead of the search bar could be a nice addition to zoteros functions.
  • Maybe one option would be to set up the Zotero extension to allow citations to be entered into the native Google Docs citation feature? So that you could use native Google Docs citations, without having to retype all the metadata from Zotero.
  • but... why? Zotero already has google docs integration and it works with 500 times as many citation styles, including footnote and numerical styles, as well as pinpoints/locators in text, more item types, etc. etc. There's no reason for someone using Zotero to use Gdocs citation feature.
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