Can I highlight my PDFs on my iPad and then extract my notes on my Zotero Desktop windows PC?

I want to know if this is possible. Thanks
  • Yes, the ZotFile plugin can help you do that.
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    Thank you @dstillman. But do I have to have pdf in both devices, rigth?
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    As explained there, ZotFile can help sync the files with a cloud storage service such as Dropbox so that you can annotate on your iPad, and then it can extract annotations from the files into Zotero notes back on your desktop.
  • Thank you so much
  • To clarify:
    I'm using Zotero Storage; must I still use a different storage service such as Dropbox for this function?
  • The problem is that you can't easily get files back into Zotero storage on an ipad currently. That's where Dropbox et al would come in.
  • Thanks adamsmith. So then, is Zotero storage irrelevant if I use ZotFile for this purpose? Must I use Dropbox or similar service for my storage in total?
  • @hmclemore: It depends what exactly you're trying to do. The function being discussed here copies specific files from your Zotero library back and forth to a given cloud storage location on your computer so that you can access them from a tablet. Those files could still be stored files in Zotero that are synced via Zotero Storage to your other computers and
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