problem adding attachments

When I add a new attachment to a record (e.g., "Store Copy of File..." or "Take Snapshot of Current Page...") the function seems to work, and the attachment appears in the attachment list as expected. But when I click on the attachment link, it (weirdly) boots me over to another record in the same collection, not unlike the way a Related entry works. The attachment does not open. Meanwhile, in the collection list view (center pane), the record to which I added displays a minus sign alongside the title, as if its contents have been expanded, but no contents, including the attachment I added, appear below it. Clicking the minus sign has no effect. I was surprised I couldn't find any prior discussions on this odd behavior. I'm updated to b6.5.
  • I believe I have seen this before - what happens if you restart Firefox? It may even be enough to just close Zotero and open it again, but not sure about that.
  • Good suggestions, but I had already tried them. In fact, your hunch that the problem comes and goes is correct. Sometimes (but not always) restarting the whole system makes it go away. But it happens often enough to drive me batty.
  • We'll look into this—I've seen some weirdness with the twisties (triangle/minus sign next parent items) as well—but if restarting Firefox doesn't fix the problem, it's only because there's still a Firefox process still running and you haven't actually closed Firefox. Check the task manager for firefox.exe. Zotero has no state beyond Firefox.
  • Thanks. I could swear that I checked the task manager and killed Firefox processes in response to this problem, to little avail. But I'll keep that point in mind.
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