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Hi, I'm trying to make a new style based on ICMJE.
My understanding is that this style is essentially Vancouver (brackets) except
"If more than seven authors, insert “et al.” after the first three authors." (currently et al appears after 6 authors).
Also "The DOI number should be added to the end of the reference, if available. The “DOI” abbreviation should not be included."

Is this pretty easy to do using the style editor in Zotero? I haven't used that tool and I'm not sure how to edit the code; maybe someone can help?
Should we just make a new Cureus style? Or does this style already exist just labeled as something else?

Also there's an EndNote style provided on that author guidelines page but I'm unable to attach it here.

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    I counter your question, have you tried to use the StyleEditor?
    Start with this guide:

    We can then help with specific questions that you have.

    Once your style is finished you can add it to the repository so other users can also use it:

    (The EndNote file will not help.)
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    Okay I can play around with the style editor on GitHub (in my original post I was referring to the editor in Zotero which just displays the code).
    The editor is actually found here:

    Couple questions:
    1. I tried changing the et al minimum to 7 and the et al first use to 3 on the global variables but when I downloaded the style and opened in Zotero it still showed six authors before et al. How do I fix this?
    2. How do I add the DOI to an existing style?
  • I know where it's found and linked to an article that talks about.

    Which style are you basing yours on? Then we can actually answer your questions.
  • I think I got it working now. I was originally basing it on Vancouver (brackets) but couldn't do everything I wanted. Now I made a new one based on BMJ and it seems to have all the stuff I need.
    Just created a pull request for the "Cureus" style. Hopefully I did everything correctly.
  • Okay pull request created but need to make a small change. Need to substite "," for ";" after the year. Should I create a new pull request? What to do?
  • no, you need to edit it. Don't make a new one.
    Also, add the link to the style you use as a template with rel="template" and also a link to the citation guidelines. Currently still got the one to BMJ.
    Any further discussion can be on the PR.
  • Okay will do. Can I use the StyleEditor again from there?
  • I made some modifications but not sure if I did it correctly. Not sure what you mean by "rel="template"". I changed the citation guidelines link to Cureus.
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    Okay I started over from the BMJ style and made all edits online. I added the reference to the Cureus author guidelines and added the "template" flag to the BMJ style.
    Only thing I can't figure out how to do is move the accessed date for webpages to before the link. Website reference should look like this:
    1. FDA: Beware of ‘black henna’ tattoos. (2013). Accessed: September 24, 2020:
  • Also it keeps failing. Please help me get it finalized. Thanks
  • Fixed the date thing. Just need to get it to verify and post please. Thanks
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    This style ended up working for the most part except it would put "et al" after just three authors. I need it to list all the authors up to seven. The Cureus guidelines specify "If more than seven authors, insert “et al.” after the first three authors."
    Can someone please take a look and let me know what's going on?
  • This
    <bibliography et-al-min="4" et-al-use-first="3" second-field-align="flush">

    should be
    <bibliography et-al-min="8" et-al-use-first="3" second-field-align="flush">
  • Thanks. How do I edit it now that it's already submitted?
  • New pull request created. Hope I did it correctly.
  • Also, after I update a style, do I need to download it again? Or will it update automatically in the program?
  • It will automatically update.
  • @dryphi I greatly appreciate your hard work on this!
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