Export keywards order are not sable

Report ID: 99920317

When exporting collection as BibTex/BibLaTex, the keyword field contains the tag names but they seems to be in a random order. Two exports can return different order of keywords for the same article.
  • Tags don't have a defined order.

    BibTeX support in Zotero is meant for general data exchange, where this wouldn't make a difference. If you're actually trying to use a BibTeX workflow, you should use the Better BibTeX plugin (though I don't know what it does about tag order on export).

    If someone wants to submit a patch to the stock BibTeX and BibLaTeX translators that makes the tag order stable (alphabetical, presumably), we can take that. It's just not really necessary given how they're meant to be used.
  • BBT sorts tags alphabetically on export. I agree that tags are a set, not a list, but for version control it's convenient if they have a stable order. Fields are sorted (although not strictly alphabetically) for the same reason.
  • OK I guess I can try the plugin. The tags are sorted in the UI which is why I expected the same for export.

    And yes, I have this issue exactly because it messes with version control.
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