Juristische Zitierweise Stüber: suppression of certain item types in bibliography

Hi everyone,

I'm using the citation style "Juristische Zitierweise Stüber (German)" for my PhD in Law and would like to change the citation style in a way that certain item types don't appear in the bibliography anymore.

Has anyone any idea on how to do this?

I've already been successful in changing the citation style for other issues, but for this problem I couldn't find a way until now.

Thanks for your help!
  • You'd have to create a conditional the the very beginning of the bibliography: "if NOT all the item types you don't like".
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    Hi damnation,

    thank you for your help and sorry for picking it up so late. I tried to incorporate the "if not"-conditional in the editor, but it didn't work out: file is not valid.

    I tried something like:

    < bibliography>
    < /if not>
    < if not type="legal_case"/>

    or that:

    < bibliography>
    < if not type="legal_case">

    (without the space here "< " of course)

    But I always ended up with "file is not valid". How shall I write it?
  • It's
    <if type="legal_case" match="none">
  • Great! Thanks!

    It's been a little bit more complicated as I already have < chose> in there. It worked with using:
    < else-if type="legal_case" match="none">
    < /else-if>

    CSL validator showed no errors :)

    Btw: How do you @adamsmith cite CSL quotes in the forum? When I do it, it always appears blank in my comment. Putting an additional space in there is a nice turnaround, but not the ideal way
  • How do you @adamsmith cite CSL quotes in the forum?
    The forum accepts basic HTML markup, i.e.

    <code> </code> for code
    <blockquote> </blockquote> for quotes and similarly for bold, italics etc. if needed (you can also escape html entities as I've done here, but that's rather tedious)
  • Alright thanks :)
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