Caractères accentués de EndNote Basics à Zotero

J'exporte mes données de EndNote Basics dans le format Refman (RIS) Export. Le fichier texte a conservé les accents. Quand j'importe dans Zotero, les caractères accentués sont modifiés pour des losanges noirs. Est-ce que vous savez quel paramètre je dois modifier?
  • Can you export a single item that has this problem from EndNote and email it to with a link to this thread?

    This is a question of the "character set" being used by EndNote and detected by Zotero. Normally this should just work, but we'd have to see the file to say what's happening.

    (Feel free to continue in French.)
  • Hi! I found my solution yersterday: when I export from EndNote in the RIS format, it gives a .txt file. I have to open the file, save it under an other file with UTF-8 caracter and it comes perfectly in Zotero!
    Thanks for ansewring my question so fast!
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