Chinese names in in-text citations and bibliography


I would like to know if there's a way around to this issue. I normally use MLA author-date or Chicago author date
I am working with Chinese sources. For name of authors, I need to use the

TRANSLITERATION of the author name followed by
CHINESE characters

For instance
Bai Shouyi 白寿彝

The issue is that if I enter the entire name (i.e., Bai Shouyi 白寿彝) in Zotero as "Last name" it would be displayed in in-text citations as

(Bai Shouyi 白寿彝)
In this case I would only need (Bai)

A way to fix in-text quotation issues is to enter the information in zotero as it follows
last name: Bai
First name: Shouyi 白寿彝
The problem is that when I create the bibliography, the author would be listed as

Bai, Shouyi 白寿彝
I don't need the coma between Bai and Shouyi
Any way around this issue?

Thank you
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    If you are frequently working with documents where you need translations/transliterations of fields, I suggest looking into Jurism, a version of Zotero with much expanded multilingual support:

    I think this should work, though within regular Zotero:

    Download the CSL file for the style you want to edit (e.g., from here) and open it up in a text editor. Add the following lines near the other "locale" sections of the style:

    <style-options name-as-sort-order="zh"/>

    You might also need to change the "version" in the second line of the style to version="1.1mlz1".

    Then, change the style title and ID, save, and install the style into Zotero. Select the style in your document. General style editing instrucitons here.

    See this version of Chicago note for an example
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