Error importing DOIs via Add Item By Identifier

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    I'm recently having trouble with adding by DOI as well.
    Here are a few examples from this week of works I have had to add manually:


    I've verified them all at

    Every one just hangs in Zotero.

    Additionally, for:
    I can't add this source from the National Diet Library site via DOI or by identifier directly in Zotero. I haven't tested this on other sources.
  • No 'type' provided in CSL-JSON
    These are all returning invalid data, without a type property, which is required. That's causing an error in Zotero.

    Zotero shouldn't hang, though, and should probably just default to the CSL-JSON article type (Document item type in Zotero), though most of these return almost no actual data:

    % curl -L -H 'Accept: application/vnd.citationstyles.csl+json'


    But really the publisher or registration agency needs to fix these to provide proper data.
  • I've created a patch to default to Document here, but I'd like to give others a chance to comment before merging it.
  • These are all coming from JaLC, the Japanese DOI registration agency. I don't believe this used to work at all, so this is definitely a step forward, but I'd definitely report to the publisher, yes.
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    But currently importing these wouldn't do much good: they don't even have a title, only DOI, date, and language... (that's for the NDL ones. The juncture/Nagoya ones at least have a title and a volume)
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