What would be the correct 'type' for a play?

edited September 18, 2020
What would be the most correct way of creating an item with a play?
Would it be using the type 'Film' , 'Manuscript' or 'Book' ?

I tried 'film' and placed 'scene no.' ["act3sc11"] under 'time', but then I had no place to add the year in which it was written [1724].
What would you do?
  • You can add that original year in the extra field:
    original-date: 1724

    Some styles (not all) will render that for you.

  • This also depends on whether you're citing the written play -- in which as you should mostly just cite it like a book because that's presumably how it's published -- or a specific performance of the play, which we don't have a great item type for currently, though that's planned. Maybe "Presentation" would be OK as a workaround.
  • I hadn't thought about the 'presentation' possibility nor did I think about using the extra field.
    Thank you.
  • Note that you want to specifically put “Original date: 1724” or “original-date: 1724” at the top of Extra. This will get picked up like a proper field.
  • Thank you :-D
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