Cross-referencing using numbered citations


I am using AMA 10th edition as my citation style, which requires numbered citations (in-text and in the bibliography). I'm using the Zotero plug-in for Word to add and edit citations. I have set my document preferences to my preferred citation style prior to inserting citations. I am confused about how to cross-reference a citation. Another forum I read said that if I manually enter the source again, it will automatically update it to the correct citation number. When I take these steps, Zotero generates a new citation number and adds a repeated reference to my bibliography. Any ideas on how to address this? Thanks
  • That should just work as you describe, yes. Could you copy & paste the bibliography entries here?
    When you re-cite an item, it should show under "Cite Items" in the word add-in when you search for it (e.g. by author) are you seeing that?
  • I am not sure what I did differently, but when I went through these steps again in a new document as a test, it worked properly. Thank you for your response, Adam!
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