Data Exchange between Platforms (Redcap & Zotero)


I am on a project that uses Recap for a scholarly database but because of accessibility limitations to Redcap for most people, we would like to have a file exchange between Redcap and Zotero.

This will help with our publication organization but ultimately will create a library that is user friendly for our partners.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
  • Commonly Redcap and Zotero are used for completely distinct purposes (i.e. data collection and reference management respectively) and so I'm not aware of any efforts to integrate/combine them. In any case, I'd expect such efforts to be fairly specific/customized.

    That said, both platforms have solid APIs (Zotero's is documented here: ), so with some development experience on your team, you could certainly make the two APIs talk to each other to transfer the information and files that you want to.
  • Adam, thank you very much for your input. This is a step in forward in the direction we would like to go.

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