Style Request to replicate MS Word ISO 690

edited 5 days ago
I am requested to use the Citation Style “ISO 690 Numerical Reference” of the MS Word Source Manager.

Does anyone know if a similar/identical style is available in Zotero?

Best, Christoph

Examples for ISO 690:2013 complying references:
1. Billington, David P. The tower and the bridge: the new art of structural engineering. s.l. : Princeton University Press, 1985.
2. Matteo, John, Deodatis, George und Billington, David P. Safety analysis of suspension-bridge cables: Williamsburg bridge. Journal of Structural Engineering. 1994, Bd. 120, 11, S. 3197-3211.

References are numbered (1) consecutively in Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear within the text (not sorted alphabetically). Each citation must be referenced in the text in brackets, e.g. (2).
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