Changing the citation style in google docs leads to formatting errors.

Hi everyone,

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I'm successfully using Zotero v.5.0.60 (installed in an Ubuntu machine) to insert citations in Google Docs files, but I'm getting - really annoying - formatting errors every time I change the citation style. For instance, if I change the "Current Biology" style to "Scientific Reports" style, I got this:

Original (Current Biology):

"forensics [8], veterinary [9], and medical sciences [10,11]. Although better known"

After changing (Current Biology -> Scientific Reports):

"forensics [8], veter8ry [9], and med9l sciences [10,11]. Altho10,11ter known"

The numbers outside brackets are superscripted (as expected) but they're clearly unformatted; the old-style remains there (not replaced) and the new ones are out of the correct location (dislocated), and worst, laying inside other words in the file.

To change the style I'm doing the following in Google Docs: "Zotero menu" -> "Document Preferences" -> choose new citation style, "automatically update citations" set to "off" -> "ok" -> "Zotero menu" -> "Refresh".

I'm not getting any error messages, just this weird formatting.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot,
  • Zotero 5.0.60 is over a year and a half old. You'll need to upgrade to the current version for us to help you.

    If you're using a package (cogsci?), uninstall it and install this one instead, or use the official tarball.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your fast reply. I didn't realize how old was my version. I removed the old version from my system and installed Zotero v.5.0.89 using the tarball. Now it seems to be working like a charm.

    Thanks a lot for the help,
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