Firefox connector n- no dropdown categories

The connector won't show drop down categories - seems like it just saves to the last know category
  • Collections, you mean?

    Is Zotero open? The expanded save popup won't show when the Zotero Connector can't talk to Zotero and it's saving directly to, though in that case it says it's saving there.

    Can you provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt that's not working?
  • its very weird. here's the debug ID D1963138483.
    so sometimes it works fine (yes Z is open). sometimes I click on the arrow to show more categories and nothing happens (except the item is saved to the currently open category in Z). and sometimes th elist of categories drops down, I click on ...more, and it vanishes nd agains ave sot the current category. Using Forefox (up to sate)
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    (Again, "collections", not "categories".)

    That Debug ID is from Zotero, not the Zotero Connector. And it specifically needs to be for an attempt that didn't work.
  • sorry - "collections". OK here's the connectr Debug report: D1044105519
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    Can you take a screenshot that shows the problem, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here? There are no obvious errors in there, other than that you're saving from a web app that would never result in any sort of meaningful metadata in Zotero. But you should still be able to save a webpage and put it in any collection you want.
  • Cannot really do a screen shot. Let me describe exactly what happens. I right-click on the connector. It opens at the most recent collection and offers a down arrow. I click the down arrow and additional collections appear. at the bottom is a "More..." item. I click this and the popup vanishes, the item is saved to the default category. I've tried reinstalling the connector...

    because it's a vanishing act, there is really nothing to capture with a screen shot

    nteresting. seems to be a page specific problem. some pages work perfectly, others fail when I try to extent the category list, and others simply fail to respond at all - clicking on the connector button generates no response, although the item is saved to the most recent collection.

    page that works:

    page that aprtly works: gets to "More..." and then banioshes on click, though adds record to current collection

    page that doesnt work at all:

  • Start by trying with all other Firefox extensions disabled.
  • Good call. seems like it;s working after disabling PurVPN and CiscoWebex and Zoom scheduling
  • You can re-enable them one by one to try to figure out what the culprit was.
  • so it still happens but its now a page by page thing. some pages cause trouble and others dont. and when I close firefox completely and then restart, the drop down list works perfectly on pages where it previously did not. seems like it may be something to do with Firefox memory issues??? is that even possible?
  • so this is one of those very frustrating erratic problems. cannot even reproduce behavior with the same page and the same extensions. I've now disabled all extensions, and sometimes it works fine and other times not. right now, clicking on the connector pulls up the dropdown list of possible folders OK, but clicking the more button causes the entire dropdown box to vanish.

    I've tried deleting and reinstalling the connector. I've also tried disabling all other add-ons and then restarting firefox. I've also tried opening a new instance of Firefox. None o that works: clicking on more causes the selection box to vanish (BTW I looked ta the Chrome version and that doesnt seem to have a selector box. is that right?)
  • additional note. This is not machine specific. The same problem occurs when using a different machine with different addons.
  • The Chrome/Edge connector has exactly the same functionality as the Firefox one.
  • I've also tried opening a new instance of Firefox.
    What does that mean? The thing to test would be a new Firefox profile.
  • yep, I have exactly the same issue (on mac os catalina, with firefox). Also page specific, and I get the same problems as rgaster5 for the three links provided in the previous post. Will try to set up a new Firefox profile and see what happens.
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    I confirm seeing almost always the same behaviour as described above with papers from I also tested it with a new, empty, profile but the outcome was the same. Firefox 81.0.2 and zotero 5.0.89 on Linux (but it is happening since a while).
  • @emanueleb: Could you 1) provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for this occurring and 2) check the JavaScript Console for the page to see if anything is logged there when this happens?
  • @emanueleb: Actually, never mind — we're able to reproduce this.
  • @dstillman
    Ok, I was about to send the data. In any case, I see that indeed I have errors in the JavaScript console and that they appear only for the pages where the connector does not work properly.

    TypeError: Zotero.UI is undefined
    render moz-extension://e8245990-5e4b-47a5-8618-be544195b863/ui/ProgressWindow.js:718
    React 28
    onload moz-extension://e8245990-5e4b-47a5-8618-be544195b863/progressWindow/progressWindow.js:32
    async* moz-extension://e8245990-5e4b-47a5-8618-be544195b863/progressWindow/progressWindow.js:26

    Thank you very much for your work.
  • Thanks — we've fixed this in the latest Zotero Connector beta. We'll push that out to everyone soon.
  • @dstillman I just tried the Connector Beta version and now it works like a charm. Thanks!

  • This is fixed in Zotero Connector 5.0.75, available now. Your Firefox should upgrade to that version automatically within a day, or you can upgrade now from the Add-ons pane or by reinstalling from the download page.
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